Shatail is a beauty brand from China
We has been dedicated to the development of cosmetic products.
We believe that good cosmetics should be products that suit the user's skin quality.
We are a professional manufacturer.
Shatail not only possesses its own factory,
we also collaborates with numerous top supply chain companies in the industry.
Over the years, we have established a remarkable reputation with international brands.
We gained extensive experience in various fields including formula development, packaging design, and brand marketing.

Shatail has a high level of quality and a positive reputation.
We has successfully expanded its presence in several countries.
Including the UK, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, USA, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Canada, and Australia.
Throughout their journey,
Shatail has achieved impressive results,
particularly in the Chinese market.

After three years of dedicated efforts,
we established a product operation center in Hangzhou.
Shatail also developed a Chinese local makeup brand named "Dairan" .
We completed the online sales layout on popular Chinese platforms,
such as Taobao, Tmall, Douyin, and other omni-channel channels in 2020.

Looking ahead to 2023.
Shatail has made the decision to further deepen its presence in the Southeast Asian market.
Our brand philosophy remains focused on creating cosmetics that are tailored to suit the user's skin type.
Our goal is to become a popular cosmetics brand among Southeast Asian users.
Shatail sincerely invites individuals with insight to join them on this journey.
Prospective partners can directly represent Shatail's products,
collaborate with us to create their own local makeup brand.
Learn more about Shatail's investment policy and explore potential opportunities,
contact us directly through our channels.
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  • Agent level Primary agent Intermediate agent Top agent
    Minimum order quantity 200/ batch 1000/ batch 5000/ batch
    Discount interest 15% Off 30% Off 40% Off
    Custom interest     Logo customization
    OEM service     You can also rely on the Shatail Product development team to optimize the formulation and performance of your own brand products
        We provide packaging services based on formula optimization, packaging material manufacturing, canning production, brand positioning and selling points
    One piece for delivery No storage fees, no labor costs, according to the cost of logistics
    Characteristic service For e-commerce agents such as KOL\Shopee\Lazada\ independent station to provide free data authorization services


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