Makeup depends on how well the makeup fits the skin, and the climate will affect the people skin condition from different region.
Shatail Cosmetics Was Born In Italy
As a professional climatic skin research expert. We owned many new product research and development laboratories in different climate zones around world! 
Shatail is continuously developed for the right skin type!
Has developed exclusive product series for different skin types,
Perfect balance of oil control, long-lasting, moisturizing and sun protection.
    More climate and skin properties
  • Tropical Monsoon 
  • North American 
    Savannah Climate
  • Middle East Tropical 
    Desert Climate
  • Subtropical Mediterranean 

Tropical Monsoon  Climate

Strong light, high temperature, humid heat, rainy
Product Features:
Double film forming technology for strong makeup hold
Breathable and not stuffy
A layer of soft film waterproof and sweatproof
A layer of hard coating for long-lasting anti-scratch

North American  Savannah Climate

Dry and wet seasons, high temperature all year round
Product Features:
Seamless skin, natural and transparent
Moisturizing, breathable, oil control and brightening

Middle East Tropical  Desert Climate

Hot and dry with little rain
Product Features:
Light and moisturizing, naturally soft
Moisturizing and breathable, waterproof and sweatproof

Subtropical Mediterranean  Climate

Subtropical Mediterranean climate
Less rain in high temperature period, more rain in low temperature period
Product Features:
Nourishes the skin and anti-oxidation, the more beautiful the night
Moisturizing and moisturizing, compliant and smooth


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